March 16, 2021

Aidan Gignac Game Development Portfolio

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I’m a game developer seeking a job in the game industry. I have many years of coding experience with C style programming languages. You can find my project, Total Havoc below with all sorts of media. The game is very well developed and has a lot of potential. I have coded the game for almost 2 years of construction time now with all sorts of neat ideas. This project is built using Unity HDRP and C# programming as well as a small but dedicated team of artists, designers etc. I am the coder :). This project is an advanced movement FPS popularized by the Call of Duty franchise in recent years. I just fell in love with the well elevated dog fights you can get into. I think it makes the game interesting which is exactly why I went for it.

Total Havoc

A gun confrontation on Stranded
My map I designed in CoD 4 Radiant and then textured in Unity, Euro Town

Unity Code Sample

This code sample was created for Casino Pick Bonus mini game.

Flash Point – Online FPS

Of course not all game developers begin with such good content and a game. There were humble beginnings for me. In the past, I published a game on the Steam store which did not get as good reception as I would have liked but I have since grown as a developer. The game titled Flash Point was a true learning experience on how to grow as a developer. You can clearly see the difference in quality.

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