May 23, 2021

Aidan Gignac – Level Designer Portfolio


I’m a game developer seeking a job in the game industry. I have many years of level design experience with the Unity game engine and Call of Duty’s Radiant Level Editor. You can find my project, Total Havoc below with all sorts of media. The game is very well developed and has a lot of potential. I have developed the game with almost 2 years of construction time now with all sorts of neat ideas. This project is built using Unity HDRP and C# programming as well as a small but dedicated team of artists, designers etc. I am the project leader.

Total Havoc

Screenshot from Oasis
My map I designed in CoD 4 Radiant and then textured in Unity, Euro Town
Screenshot from Multiplayer map Euro Town
Screenshot from Multiplayer map Euro Town

Flash Point – Online FPS

Of course not all game developers begin with such good content and a game. There were humble beginnings for me. In the past, I published a game on the Steam store which did not get as good reception as I would have liked but I have since grown as a developer. The game titled Flash Point was a true learning experience on how to grow as a developer. You can clearly see the difference in quality.

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